2023 Wednesday Night Discipleship Classes


Praying the Bible (Ed Amundson)
When you pray, does it ever feel like you’re just saying the same old things about the same old things? In this study, based upon the book Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney, you will be introduced to a method of prayer that has the power to transform your prayer life: praying the words of Scripture.


Love Your Church (Brandon Carrier)
How can you be a church member that makes a real difference, and why would you want to be? In this study, based upon the book Love Your Church: 8 Great Things about Being a Church Member, by Tony Merida, we will uncover 8 glorious privileges of being a part of a local church, and how you can be the best church member you can be as you seek to walk with Jesus in community.


Imago Dei: God’s Image, God’s People, God’s Mission (Alan Dodson, Scott Hughes)
What does it mean to be created in the image of God, and what bearing does that have on the way we view others who are also made in God’s image? In this study, you will discover what it means to be an image bearer, and you will discover a renewed purpose in serving others and participating in God’s mission for God’s glory.


World of the End (Darrell Burton)
It’s no secret the world we live in has been marred by sin. Every day it seems the world grows more and more chaotic. In this study, based upon the book World of the End by David Jeremiah, you will discover keys to living triumphantly from Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 in midst of the chaos surrounding us.


Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story (Shannon Amundson)
Though written over the span of centuries by over 40 different authors, in 3 languages, the Bible tells one singularly woven together story of redemption. In this study, you will discover how all of Scripture ties together to seamlessly tell the gospel story. (Women Only)


Unfolded: The Story of God (Alan Dodson)
Most of us are familiar with the great stories of Scripture, yet we can go a lifetime appreciating these stories and still miss the truth that all of them are telling one story of God’s redemption. Much like the women’s class, in this study you will discover how all of Scripture ties together to seamlessly tell the gospel story. (Men Only)


New Testament II (Ed Amundson)
The gospels tell us the story of Jesus; the rest of the New Testament shows us the birth of the church and how we are to live in light of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Studying the book of Acts, this study will trace the early churches origins and spread throughout the World.


The Life of David…Part 2 (Brandon Carrier)
As Israel’s greatest king, David led an extortionary life. In this study we will pick up where we left of in Part 1 with David on the run in the Wilderness and trace his rise to the throne. And through it all, we will see how his life points to an even greater King who was to come.


Into the Light: A Biblical Approach to Healing from the Past (Shannon Amundson)
We all experience hurt and trauma, but how do we respond when someone tells us their story of pain? How do we heal from our own pasts? In this study you will trace biblical truths of healing through stories of healing of real women in Scripture and how it can help you as you seek to heal from past hurts and seek to help others do the same. (Women Only)